5 Star Processing Business Credit Card

Minimum Requirements:

Business Bank Account
Minimum Personal FICO Score Of 300+

EIN/TAX ID Number 


Reports to Experian Business

Easy Enrollment Process

When You Enroll, You Receive An Initial Line Of Unsecured Credit Between $200-$10,000

Spend & Build Business Credit

As you use your NEW BUSINESS CREDIT CARD, you will find relief knowing that you are building business credit with every transaction. You now, have a way to separate your personal and business expenses in style as well.

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Simply by using your new credit card for business expenses, inventory, supplies or anywhere that MasterCard is accepted…

You Are Building a Strong Credit History


5 Star Processing Business Credit Card

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Business Credit Loan

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You receive an email

You review your application and complete the process by signing your document

We set up your payment acceptance solution

You decided your weekly bank withdrawal amount, our teams will set you up with solutions and provide any user training needed.

You authorize a weekly debit from your account

When you're ready to go, get access to our support teams 24/7

You weekly batch gets loaded to your unsecured credit card

Settlement funds are added to your MasterCard

You make purchase for your business

As you use your MasterCard your business credit increases

How do I become an affiliate?

Help your business clients establish business credit 

Yes we do ! This is a great program that helps you offer additional products to your business clients 

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